Student Bounces Questions off Dominique Boone


Carlos Wyrick/Staff Photographer

Dominique Boone, Coach of Men’s Basketball team, in DeVries Gym

Jack Ludkey, a junior, creative writing major at Warren Wilson College, sits down to interview Men’s Basketball Coach, Dominique Boone.


What is your favorite place on Warren Wilson Campus?

Besides the gym? My front yard for sure. It overlooks the White Barn across the street, Daisy Hill I think it’s called. I could look out there all day.


What has been the biggest challenge during quarantine? 

Motivating the team over quarantine and hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel, just the opportunity to compete is what’s driving us right now.


So is this your first recruiting class?

Yep, I recruited 11 guys this off-season.


Are most of the guys you recruited from North Carolina?

Most of the kids are from the south (North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina). Most of them are from North Carolina, actually. Only one of them is from up north (New York City).


Michael Jordan is from North Carolina, do you think that state creates some of the best players?

Well, there are good players everywhere, but North Carolina is definitely a hotbed for talent.


So you got some players returning this year. How does that help build team chemistry and positive culture in a basketball program?

The people that came back know what to expect from the program and how I coach. Brent, Jerry, and Tarique help set a precedent for the team, and are real leaders for the freshman. The veterans help keep everything running as smoothly as possible, especially in a season like this.


So who are the captains this year?

Brent is sole captain and head player in charge. We haven’t decided on any additional captains as of yet because the season got delayed.


Who is your favorite basketball player? 

I have two favorites. The first is Flynn Boone, my son. The second is the young Bucks and Supersonics player, Ray Allen. He wasn’t always just a jump shooter for the Celtics. When he played for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Seattle Supersonics he could do it all. He was fun to watch.


What is the best food at Gladfelter?

The potatos man, that’s the stuff. The tater tots and the homemade potato chips are probably my favorite at Glad. Granted, I haven’t eaten that in a while, and I probably feel better for it, but that’s the stuff.


Was there any culture shock in coming to Warren Wilson? 

I never really had any type of culture shock coming here, because I’ve coached/taught in just about every type of environment.  I coached in upstate New York, or the North Country as they call it up there — Philadelphia and Nashville. Warren Wilson is the best of both worlds.  It’s nice to have a grocery store less than an hour away.


What are your hopes for the season?

I am very thankful that the administration has given us the opportunity to compete this semester. And after going without basketball for an entire year, I hope that we just have fun, cherish every moment, and win some games along the way.


What is your favorite part of coaching?

Building relationships for sure, ones that last beyond the time that you spend here at Warren Wilson College. Ones that go beyond just basketball.