Harley and the Heavens: April



Current Zodiac Season: Aries (March 21-April 19)

Symbol: Ram

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Mars

Traits: Impulsive, passionate, ambitious 


April Planetary Transitions 

There will be a New Moon in Taurus on April 11 at 10:31 PM. Again, it is typically advised that during the period of time between a New Moon and a Full Moon that you do not undergo surgery. I am personally excited for the Full Moon because it will peak in Scorpio on April 26 at 11:31 PM which is my twentieth birthday! I am excited for this Full Moon because Scorpio is the sister sign for Taurus, and Scorpio is also my ascendant. 

Right at the beginning of April, Mercury will move into Aries on April 3 at 11:41 PM. Our verbal communication will likely be more impulsive and bold. During this time, be careful that you still remember to think before you speak, so that you can do so passionately without saying something you may regret. In the very same month, Mercury will move into Taurus on April 19 at 6:29 AM. Although Mercury won’t have spent much time in Aries, having this planet move into Taurus will settle any tensions created. Taureans are very honest and direct, so anything that needs to be communicated will be expressed. 

Venus will move into humble Taurus on April 14 at 2:22 PM. In astrology, numbers in sets of three are said to be divine numbers, making this transit particularly lovely. Venus is also at home in Taurus, since that is its ruling planet. Now will be a good time to begin to woo someone, using the sensual energy being created here to appeal to your desired partner. This position will be a great time for romantics to plan things like picnics, cozy dates at home, and anything else focusing on luxury and comfort. 

On April 23 at 7:49 AM, Mars will enter Cancer. Cancer is a very gentle and caring sign, while Mars influences aggression, passion, motivation, and sex. It is likely that the energy created during this time will be more specific to areas of partnership and relationships. Something to watch out for is clinging too tightly to relationships that may not be worth your effort. 

On April 27 at 4:02 PM, Pluto will go into retrograde. A Pluto retrograde (RX) happens every year for five months. This retrograde happens very psychologically, and often does not consciously affect people. During a Pluto RX, we may subconsciously reexamine our fears or whatever is holding us back from achieving what we desire. What happens during a Pluto RX has potential to create either a positive or a negative change, but either one will be drastic. Currently, Pluto is in a Capricorn return. The last time this happened was during the American Revolution. Pluto rules crime, dictatorship, and fascism. When you examine these parallels, it makes sense that over the past few years we have seen a lot of events and governmental structures which have ridden on the edge of fascism. We also have overturned a corrupt world leader. I am excitedly anticipating how our nation’s views of leadership and judgment will change during the next four years. 

The reason I mention this given time frame is because Pluto will finally move out of Capricorn sometime between 2023 and 2024. There are some debates on when this transition will exactly happen, but we know that it is coming soon because Pluto orbits in each sign for 12-31 years. This is very exciting, and very important regarding astrological predictions. My personal belief is that a major change to the U.S. political and societal structure is coming within the next few years.