Sami’s Advice Column: Issue Three


Dear Sami, 

With the pandemic, I’ve had issues balancing me-time and my responsibilities to the world (like school). To be honest with you Sami, I just want to go out and go crazy joker style but … pandemic. Any advice on balancing work and play?


Dear anonymous, 

I think a lot of people have this issue and it’s a perfectly normal one to have. Being in a pandemic is tough but I’ve found that we have to enjoy the little things we take for granted so we don’t go crazy. For instance, if you live on campus, when you walk to your classes, to work, or Gladfelter take in the trees, wave “Hi” to a friend or even someone you don’t know. It not only gives you the opportunity to take in the beauty around you but it can also grow friendships. I know that being in a pandemic is difficult, our choices for things to do are extremely limited, but the things we have left to do we should take notice of them. Something I recommend doing that may help you not go all “crazy joker” is to take a hike or a walk, go to the music building and play an instrument (it doesn’t have to be well played), start conversations with random strangers, or even talk with a few friends. Getting out of your room and your comfort zone may help you see that all you need for now, is right in front of you. As for balancing work and play, I’ve had trouble with that myself in the past. Personally, what I’ve found helps is doing your work in between classes, or before bed. Make the time to do what you need to do, whether it’s scheduling an hour of work, then going out with some friends, or doing one class’ work and then taking a break and doing something fun. During quarantine I believe many of us picked up hobbies, as we learned that before the pandemic many of us didn’t have any to begin with. I’m not a knitter but some are, I’m no hairstylist but I did dye my hair (which I recommend as well because after all, hair does grow back), learn to play a new instrument, paint, draw, sculpt. But mainly, find something that can make you happy, and if you’ve already found that then keep going. Master whatever it is. There will be time later on (I’m not sure how much later) to go out and hit the town, but for now the best you can do, the best we all can do is stay in our bubble as much as we can. By all means get groceries and essential items, if a trip to the grocery store helps tame the wild side in you, go for it. Just take covid precautions and wear a mask. Right now is the perfect time to learn more about yourself and what you may love to do, so take that time and figure it out. Classes are important, but first and foremost you are more important than that. Take a mental health day, swim in the river (though it’s freezing), take a day long nap if that’s what you want. I know it’s hard right now, all most of us want is to go out and have fun, but please remember that we may not get to do that if we don’t stay put for a little while. So my advice is to take a deep breath, maybe do some meditation, find something, someone, or somewhere new and see where it takes you. Remember I’m one click away if you need any more advice!