Harley and the Heavens: Summer Edition



Current zodiac season: Taurus (April 19-May 19) 

Symbol: Bull 

Element: Earth 

Quality: Fixed 

Traits: Stubborn, sensual 


May Planetary Transitions: 

This month’s New Moon will happen in Taurus on May 11 at 3:00 PM. Between this time, and the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 26 at 7:14 AM, try to avoid any major surgeries. This Full Moon will also be a lunar eclipse. In astrology, a lunar eclipse symbolizes new doors opening, by other doors shutting rapidly. This change can be jarring, but — not to worry — you will benefit from this in the end. 

Early in Taurus season on May 3 at 10:49 PM, Mercury will move into Gemini. Mercury is at home in Gemini, so this is a great period of time for communication. Gemini is very intellectual and expressive with their words. One thing to be careful of is over-intellectualizing your feelings, and failing to express exactly how you feel. 

At 6:43 PM on May 29, Mercury will retrograde (RX). This will be the second Mercury RX of 2021 where we will again see disruptions with technological communication. This RX will only last about a month, and Mercury will again go direct in June. 

Within a few days of Mercury’s transit, Venus will also enter Gemini on May 8 at 10:01 PM. Sometimes Gemini can be guarded or analytical of their feelings, especially when it comes to love. Instead, tap into the positive side of Venus in Gemini and use the strong ability to communicate and vocalize your love to those around you. 

Jupiter will move into Pisces on May 13 at 6:36 PM. Jupiter transitions to a different sign each year. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so whatever energy of the sign it is placed in will be very abundant. For Pisces, the energy present will be very focused on is that of emotion, service, helping others, and being humble. I think that a humbling energy is what we need as a collective over the next couple of years. 

While in Aquarius, Saturn will go into retrograde (RX) on May 23 at 5:19 AM. Each year, Saturn retrogrades for around four months, where it leaves us feeling somewhat sluggish. Saturn is the planet that rules structure, so when it goes retrograde, we either feel a lack of structure, or hyper-focus ourselves on creating stability. However, since there is a slowing down effect during RX, it can be a great time to reflect on whether certain things are working for you or not. Because Saturn is also karmic, if you make progress and work during the retrograde period, you will be rewarded when Saturn goes direct again.



Current zodiac season: Gemini (May 20-June 19) 

Symbol: The Twins 

Element: Air 

Quality: Mutable 

Traits: Intellectual, friendly 


June Planetary Transitions: 

A New Moon in Gemini will occur on June 10 at 6:52 AM. Make sure that you do not build your walls up too high, and still express your emotions. The Full Moon will be in Capricorn on June 24 at 2:40 PM. This will be a good opportunity to set emotional boundaries with yourself and with others. 

While during this month Mercury will still be in Gemini, it will go direct after being in RX on June 22 at 6:00 PM. Any technological problems we’d had over the past month will now be resolved. 

Venus, planet of love and romance, will move into caring Cancer on June 2 at 9:18 AM. This is a good period of time for true romantics to woo their partners or the one they are seeking. Be mindful of becoming too attached to relationships that may be on the verge of an end. 

This short period of sweet love will blossom into Leo on June 27 at 12:27 AM. This change may feel abrupt, because Cancer expresses its love for others, while Venus in Leo will channel more self-focused love. Don’t forget to tell others how you feel. Leo can easily forget that others cannot naturally intuit what they’re feeling. 

Towards the beginning of June, Mars will once again enter a fire sign. Mars moves into Leo on June 11 at 9:34 AM. Our passions, desires, and aggressive side will once again be fiery hot. You may find that you are impulsively acting on what you want, or leaning towards the flashy side of things. Don’t be afraid to slow down. When any planet is in Leo there will be an air of confidence, so there’s no need to worry. 

On June 20 at 11:05 AM Jupiter will retrograde (RX) in Pisces. Since Jupiter is the sign of expansion, use this RX as a chance to prune or review things you are involved in, especially regarding religion and philosophy. If during the few months when Jupiter is in RX you begin to feel disconnected with those around you, then reach out! Sometimes Pisces influences can make us feel overly sensitive, and that’s ok, but there’s no harm in reaching out to resolve that feeling. 

This year’s Neptune RX will last from June 25 3:21 PM, to December 1 at 8:22 AM. Most people know that Neptune is symbolized by Poseidon and ruler of water, but what many don’t know is that in astrology, Neptune rules our fantasies, illusions, dreams, guilt, and addiction. Because Neptune is in Pisces, we are feeling a whimsical influence and are likely focused on harmony in one way or another. This placement will only last until 2025; Neptune spends 13 years in each sign and has been in Pisces since 2012.



Current Zodiac Season: Cancer (June 21-July 21)

Symbol: Crab 

Element: Water 

Quality: Cardinal 

Traits: Caring, clingy 


July Planetary Transitions: 

This month’s New Moon will happen in Cancer on July 9 at 9:16 PM. Between the New Moon and the Full Moon it is advised to avoid surgery. This period will be over with the Full Moon in Aquarius on July 23 at 10:37 PM. 

When Mercury moves into Cancer on July 11 at 4:35 PM, the energy present in communication will switch from being somewhat guarded and intellectual, to caring and expressive. Within the same month only a couple weeks later, Mercury will enter Leo on July 27 at 9:11 PM. Something to be conscious of is where you are placing yourself in regards to communication. While it is okay to focus on oneself, avoid centering yourself in every conversation while Mercury is in Leo. 

Venus will enter Virgo on July 21 at 8:37 PM. This may be a difficult time for love, because Virgo can let logic rule over emotion. It may feel that you are grasping at something that is just out of reach. Fret not because Venus will move into Libra, a Venutian sign, in another month. Give your love life time. 

July has a lot of conflicting elements in its planets, but something that isn’t as troubling is Mars moving into Virgo on July 29 at 4:32 PM. Don’t let all this Virgo energy cloud your mind and block out your emotional side.



Current zodiac season: Leo (July 22-August 21)

Symbol: Lion

Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed 

Traits: Confident, flashy


August Planetary Transitions: 

The first significant event of August is the New Moon in Leo on August 8 at 9:50 AM. Between this date and the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22 at 8:02 AM, try your best to avoid surgery. 

As to be expected each time the Sun moves into a sign, Mercury is not far off. Mercury will enter Virgo on August 11 at 5:57 PM. This is a very amicable placement, because Virgo is ruled by Mercury and specifically centers on work and service. This is very convenient for beginning a new semester because each person will find their relationship with school a bit more natural. 

On August 30 at 1:10 AM, Mercury will move into Libra. Because Libra is the sign of the scales, it is likely that communication and technology will remain fairly well balanced during the position. However, there is also a possibility that things will switch rapidly from one side to another in search of true balance. 

Another natural transition that will occur is Venus moving into Libra on August 16 at 12:26 AM. Libra, as well as Taurus, are both Venutian signs. This will be a great time for sensual experiences and living lavishly. 

Uranus goes retrograde (RX) every year for half a year. The Uranus RX of 2021 will begin on August 19 at 9:40 PM. The general themes of a Uranus RX are a feeling of calm and clarity about our objectives. Take a look at what you need to transform in order to be who you are.